The skimuseum

The starting point for any visit to Morgedal, this is a striking building which houses a multimedia journey through skiing’s history with special attention paid to the skiing revolution which developed out from Morgedal in the 1850’s.

Polar exhibition

Displays inside the museum include a big screen pre-show depicting the development of skiing over the last 4000 years, Morgedal in the 1850s, a ski making workshop, First to the south pole, Norway’s first ski wax factory, Olympic flame history and displays and a wide format, 3 screen telemark ski film that will give you the urge to strap on some skis!

Stoga inne
The small cabin inside the exhibition
Terje Håkonsen snøbrett
Terje Håkonsen on snowboard

Elsewhere in the building you will find Innsving Kafé which has an exciting menu often making use of the large stone oven and locally produced food. There is also a large souvenir shop which has an excellent range of gifts and distinctive Norwegian products. It is here you will find information about what to do while you are in Morgedal and helpful and friendly guides who are keen to help you experience the best of Morgedal. A free internet service is also available for travellers keen to check in with those back home.

Food details

Outside the building the Olympic flame is burning still out on the lake. The flame was lit for the first time here in Morgedal for the Oslo winter games in 1952. It was lit here again for the Squaw Valley and Lillehammer Winter Olympics in 1960 and 1994 respectively.

Fakkel sommar
The Olympic flame, summer
Fakkel i snø
The Olympic flame, winter
Terningkast 5 i VG til Norsk Skieventyr
5 eyes on the dice to the Norwegian Ski Museum

From the museum it is possible to walk up to Øverbø – the birthplace of Sondre Norheim. A nature trail and quiet roads lead you up to this beautiful spot high above Morgedal. An open air museum – Øvebø has been visited by thousands of ski enthusiasts who have made the pilgrimage to the birthplace of the «father of modern skiing». Guided walks are available for groups who want to uncover some of the stories about this charismatic figure who changed the way the world would ski.

Welcome to the Norwegian Ski Museum – the starting point for your visit to Morgedal!

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Phone: 0047 35 06 90 80

Adress: Vårstaulvegen 2, 3848 Morgedal, Telemark, Norway