Ski making has long traditions in Norway and there have been many famous ski makers spread around the country. The father of modern skisport, Sondre Norheim, changed the way people saw skiing.

Nye og gamle bindingar
Old and new binds

Sondre designed and made skis which enabled skiers to tackle the slopes in ways never seen before.

From transport to sport, skis were now being used for the pure joy of the downhill, jumping and racing to the bottom of the snowy hills; it was the dawn of ski sport. These skis are the originals in a long story of ski sport development and the roots for this exciting pastime rest here, in this small and unassuming valley called Morgedal.

Harald hoppar
Harald jumps

Now you have the opportunity to make from scratch, add the finishing touches to, or simply buy a finished pair of “Sondre Originals”.

Following on in the long and prestigious ski making history of Morgedal – Tarjei and Terje have started their own ski making workshop here in the valley. Morgedal SKI is a company that specialises in making hand-made natural timber skis. Using time honoured traditions they work through the whole process from finding the right tree in the forest to carving the final designs on the finished skis surface.

In January 2015 we had visit from two journalists from National Geographic. They made their own skis and then go for skiing. See the movie:

Ski testing is and always has been an important part of ski development (tough job, but someone’s got to do it) and no trip to Morgedal is complete without a spot of ski testing. In the winter you can make your own skis and then head out to the “world’s first slalom slopes” and test them out. Skiing on these original models is guaranteed to be a unique experience and will truly test your skills as a skier. After attempting this there is every chance that you will be humbly in awe of the first ski pioneers and what they achieved with these slippery planks of wood!

Norway’s, maybe the world’s, longest skis

If any of this sparks a flame of interest then we would love to welcome you to Morgedal. Whatever your time constraints, level of interest or ambitions as a ski maker – we have a range of offers to meet your needs.

Lagar ski med øks
Making skis with an axe
Ski tip
Høvlar ski
Planing ski
Bruk av øks i verkstaden
Use of axe in the workshop
Binding i verkstaden
Making ski bindings in the workshop



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Test av gamle ski
Testing old skis