About Morgedal

Located in West Telemark in the county of Kviteseid, Morgedal is a small valley unspoilt by over-development unlike many other tourist destinations.

Fishing with yarn

An active farming community many people make their living from the land here and as such it is a great place to experience a «real piece» of heartland Norway. There are approximately 250 people living in the valley and community spirit is strong with a large number of clubs and voluntary working groups where many are actively involved. Local working-bee days are always a highlight here – with almost everyone turning up with rakes and shovels to help keep Morgedal looking great! The local store is a real meeting place and shopping often takes a bit longer as people enjoy a good chat.

Shaped like a natural amphitheater – the central area of Morgedal is dominated by a small lake and surrounded by steep hills which are often heavy with snow in the winter months. At a height of 426 meters above sea level – Morgedal has a typical inland climate with cold and generally snow sure winters and temperate summers.